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Baby Bath Thermometer

This Baby Bath thermometer is perfect for checking baby's temperature! It sounds like a very small thing, but it does a lot to help parents keep track of their son or daughter, the Baby Bath thermometer is easy to use and can be used at home or at the water fountain to check baby's temperature in front of others.

Parent Aid New
- Checks Water Temperature

Dream Baby Room and Bath

By Dream Baby


(upgraded Version) Digital Toy Duckie F Or C
baby bath thermometer
/ Parent Aid ~ New

Discovery Toys ~ Hippo-mometer ~

By Discovery Toys


Baby Bath With Thermometer

This toy is a great addition to any baby's library, it has a rubber duck thermometer and water temperature gauges, so you can track down the moment of most celsius temperature. The pop star duck toy is also a great addition for baby's head and neck, to keep them entertained while they drink their water temperature, this Baby Bath temperature thermometer is perfect for checking the water temperature in your baby's bath. The sensor technology measures the temperature of your baby's Bath water against the internal temperature of the duck toy you choose to watch while your Baby the results are information that you can use to adjust the water temperature in your baby's bath, this water thermometer is a great for checking temperature in a baby's Baby bath. The thermostat readers are designed to work with any water temperature, this thermometer also includes a digital read mirror so you can track temperature over time. This water thermometer is perfect for Baby baths, it is comfortable to grip with its thick plastic material and inclined angle of about 30 degrees. The unit senses a temperature Baby and sends alerts if the temperature gets too high or too low, the unit also includes a floating dolphin alarm that will sound a sound of alarm if the temperature gets too high or too low.