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Commercial Grade Thermometer

Looking for a Commercial Grade thermometer? Search no more than the c 3, this digital instant read meat thermometer is produced for the professional market, with a precision of 3 degrees. With its durable and sturdy design, c 3" Commercial Grade digital instant read meat thermometer is sterling for any Commercial setting.



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Commercial Probe Thermometer

Looking for a digital meat thermometer that is many years old? Don't search more than the c from Commercial grade, this thermometer is subject to standard safety regulations and comes with a limited warranty. So, whether you're searching to food the doctor, or just get an accurate reading, the c is the ideal choice, this Commercial Grade thermometer is a valuable tool for monitoring the oven temperature. It is fabricated with high-quality materials and it will make your house smell great, this thermometer is uncomplicated to adopt and it grants a long reach. It peerless for measuring fresh heat, the Commercial Grade thermometer from is valuable for measuring cooking temperature in food production applications. The unit grants a robust design, and is facile to read with its dual probe system, resulting in accurate and accurate readings, the gage is produced of durable plastic and extends a plastic feel to it. It effortless to adopt and requires little care to keep it in working order, the gage grants a heavy duty cupronickel design and is fabricated to last for many years.