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Donasco Coca Cola Thermometer

This Coca bottle is a cool vintage advertising piece from the 1960-70 it is manufactured of solid brass and gives a now-useless thermometer on the front, but as is often the case with old advertising, the start of a successful store, this one is actually a bit of a waste.

Donasco Usa 16.5 X 4.75
Advertising Store Sign Donasco
Donasco  16.5” Tall
Sign ~ Nos T1
Donasco Usa

Vintage Coca Cola 16.5" Tin

By Unbranded


Cheap Donasco Coca Cola Thermometer

This vintage Coca Cola thermometer tin coke bottle usa is produced in the 1950 s and measures in at 16 it is fabricated from durable materials and is an outstanding addition to all 1800 s or earlier home home & kitchen, Coca Cola thermometer is a sterling tool for assessing the temperature of coca-cola bottle. The tool extends an accurate and easy-to-use layout, making it an effective tool for beverage masters and drink testers, Coca Cola thermometer is a must-have for any 16. 5 coca-cola car, this product is buy now and get free shipping on orders over $50. This vtg temperature meter is manufactured to measur the temperature in Coca Cola bottles, it is fabricated of alloy and it provides a strong and sturdy design. It is outstanding for use in kitchens and other small space where Coca Cola bottles are used, the vtg temperature meter can measure the temperature in Coca Cola bottles up to order Coca Cola thermometer please add the following information to your order: ethnonym: Coca Cola thermometer tatin: Coca Cola thermometer country of origin: united states of america composition: alloy form: heavy dimension: length:3. 5 inches injection: 2 ounces.