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Fever Thermometer

This digital lcd Fever thermometer is valuable for adults and kids who are interested in health and fever, the thermometer can measure Fever level, oral temperature and underarm temperature. It presents an 2-line digital lcd display and is facile to use.

W/ Case

6a - Vintage 70s Era

By Ballo


Fever Digital  Non-contact Thermometer

2 in 1 Infrared Forehead

By Unbranded


Fahrenheit Usa

Vintage American Hospital Supply Tomac

By American Hospital Supply


Thermometer Fever

This digital oral thermometer for baby is dandy for shoppers who are feeling feverish and want to know how hot their baby's or adult's mouth is, the thermometer Fever indicator tells you just how hot your baby's or adult's mouth is, so you can know when to about it. Plus, the digital readability is guaranteed to make it easier for you to keep track of your baby or adult's temperature, this is a digital Fever thermometer that is designed for use in the pediatrician. It is a thermometer and it is a baby's oral rectal arm, this is a best-in-class toy for children or adults who are interested in medical area. The vicks digital thermometer with Fever insight technology is a digital thermometer that renders been specifically designed for use in sick people, it imparts a quick-start guide that tells you how to set it up, how to read the data, and how to fix any problems that may occur. The thermometer also includes a built-in, Fever insight technology that will tell you how your temperature is feeling, how many degrees fahrenheit you are between your 2 body temperature levels, and how often do you need to read the temperature to ensure good health, the vicks digital thermometer with Fever insight technology is a fantastic substitute for somebody who is digging for a digital thermometer that can read data quickly, is built-in to make sure you don't have to worry about reading it every time you take a break, or who wants to keep track of their temperature in addition to just reading it. The Fever thermometer is a medical device that is used to measure the temperature of the body, it is usually used to measure the temperature of the brain, body, or brain. The Fever thermometer grants a digital readout that tells you the temperature of the body, the color-coded alarm will sound if the temperature gets too high. The Fever thermometer is conjointly used to measure the temperature of the body or brain.