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Pampered Chef Digital Thermometer

The Pampered Chef Digital thermometer 2243 with probe is a precision-made Digital thermometer that provides accurate readings in the coldest temperature range, with its Digital readout and Digital probe, Pampered Chef Digital thermometer is can be used to monitor and track cooking activities throughout the home.

#2243 Candy Meat Discontinued
#2243 Bbq Meat Candy Food Discontinued
NEW Retired Pampered Chef Digital Pocket Thermometer - #2242

NEW Retired Pampered Chef Digital

By Pampered Chef


#2243 Discontinued

Pampered Chef Digital Thermometer Hh

The Pampered Chef thermometer Digital 2243 is a new, discontinued model in the box, if you order one, it can be new in box for $129. The thermometer is a splendid surrogate to measure the climate in your kitchen and how much heat is being brought on by the cook, it also can help with signaling the manager when cooking is completed. The Pampered Chef thermometer Digital 2243 is produced from programmable goals and timer so you can track your cooking temperature, it extends a black anodized aluminum design and a bimetallic material that helps it resisted for durability. 36, 42 or 48 hr settings, it provides a slow settings to help with slow cookers and a medium settings for more power. The thermometer is programmable with your cook's name, date and time, this Digital thermometer is a sterling surrogate to call out to the cook in your kitchen when cooking is complete. It can also help with signaling the manager when cooking is completed, the Pampered Chef instant read thermometer is a top-of-the-heap substitute to ensure your cook is at a splendid temperature every time. This Digital model imparts a quick start guide and guide you through the set up so you can get the most out of your cook, the thermometer also includes a sun exposure reading as well as a meal cooked time. The Digital model is easily accessible with a central reading zone and a power outage indicator, this is a brand new, old stock Pampered Chef meat thermometer. This thermometer is for the new old stock Pampered Chef food retired, the Chef Digital thermometer Digital 2243 is a discontinued that is no longer available at the Pampered Chef web site. However, other Chef Digital thermometers that are currently available may still be available at your local store or online.