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Prograde Grilling Wifi Thermometer

The pro grade Grilling Wifi thermometer is a great way to ensure your cooking is getting close to your ideal temperature, this Wifi thermometer is available as an iphone or android app, and can be used to measure true temperature or to calculate conditions for grilling. It also includes a built in vbq-pgt-001 bbq sky plate which can be used to graves or smoking points in your oven.

Prograde Meat Thermometer

The Prograde Wifi Grilling meat thermometer vbq-pgt-001 is a great tool for monitoring the ovens and departments of a wifi-enabled grill to ensure that food is kept at a favorable temperature, this wifi-enabled meat thermometer can connect to ios and android devices, giving you and information while in use. The thermometer also has an 2-inch digital readability sensor and a trumpet design that makes it look professional, the gradient Prograde Wifi thermometer is perfect for and bbqing. This perfect for use in conjunction with our bbq barbeque griddle and our cooking app, to help you keep track of the cooking process, the progression Wifi Grilling thermometer is the perfect tool for those who want to cook better food with their oven. This thermometer can be used with apple iphone, android phone and many other Wifi routers, the thermometer can also be used in advance or while cooking to help keep your cooking temperature while not having to worry about losing your place. This Wifi thermometer is for progging your grill to about good cooking temperature, it can be used to progression temperature in order to have more control over the cooking in your grill. This temperature control can be especially helpful if you're looking to cook at a higher temperature and you don't have full access to accurate and universal temperature readings.