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Refrigerator Thermometer

The fridge thermometer is an outstanding surrogate to help you keep an eye on your refrigerator, it warns you of the temperature drop or increase, so you can plan your food day. The stainless steel hanging stand makes it facile to find the temperature in the fridge.

2 Inch- Pack Of 3

Taylor Precision TruTemp Refrigerator Freezer

By Taylor Precision Products


Taylor 5924 Classic Stainless Steel Freezer Refrigerator Thermometer

Taylor 5924 Classic Stainless Steel

By Taylor Precision Instruments


Fridge Thermometer

This fridge thermometer is fabricated of stainless steel and is located at the top of the fridge, it offers a digital readout and is basic to read. The thermometer can be set to read freezer temperature or dial temperature, this Refrigerator freezer thermometer is a top-rated way to ensure the temperature inside your Refrigerator is keeping up with the frequent temperature changes. The temp meter hanger provides a temperature reading probe and a stainless steel body for added accuracy, this accurate Refrigerator thermometer is first-rate for your new refrigerator. With a large dial it can measure temperatures quickly and easily, the black anodized aluminum is returned to its original color and material. It presents a temperature range of -40 degrees fahrenheit to boil point temperature and imparts a confidence limit of -4 degrees, this lowes Refrigerator thermometer peerless for checking the temperature of your fridge or freezer. You can use it to accurate to 5 degrees fahrenheit, the digital readability is prime for keeping on track on the go. Also includes an alarm if the temperature gets too high.