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Thermometer Sticker

Looking for a stylish and functional thermometer sticker? Don't search more sticker! This unit is a must-have for any fish tank and unequaled for indicating temperature.

Strip Adhesive Sticker Home Brewing Fermenting Aquarium

10 Stick On Thermometer Strip

By Propagate Pro


Strip Adhesive Sticker Brewing Fermenting Aquarium 10 Pack
Temperature Sticker Dual Scale
Blood Pressure

Thermometer Sticker Amazon

This Sticker is unrivalled for a dual aquarium fish tank! It is a Sticker that sticks to the side of a thermometer and allows you to track the temperature of your fish, the fish are able to feel the temperature difference between their own body and the temperature of the water. Is a terrific addition to your aquarium fish tank! It is a thermostatic Sticker that increases or reduces the temperature of your fish tank without any need for an ac or washing machine, it is top-grade for times when you need to check the temperature of your fish but find it difficult to see the difference between -60 and 110. This renders an 20 mah battery and is compatible with com this Sticker peerless for home brewing, fermentation, or aquarium applications, the Sticker is white, and requires no adhesive, and can be used with 10 stick on thermometers. It is again uncomplicated to use, just set the temperature you want to measure at the top of the sticker, and the Sticker will read the temperature in degrees, this Sticker is for the aquarium fish tank thermometer. It is a small Sticker that fits perfectly over the top of the thermometer, this thermometer is fantastic for if you were to monitor your aquarium with this type of equipment. The Sticker is produced out of durable plastic and will last for many years.