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Thermoworks Thermometer

This thermometer is a must-have for any kitchen, with its rotating display and backlit display, you can read it any time of day.

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Smoke X2 Long-Range Remote BBQ

By ThermoWorks


Thermoworks Probe Thermometer

The thermometer is board that uses the blue ths-179-607 sensor, it gives a digital read range of 0- working temperature degrees. The temperature range is from 0 degrees to work temperature degrees, the thermometer also includes a bluetooth interface so that you can communicate with it through a phone or computer. The the smoke thermometer is an accurate and easy-to-use remote bbq alarm clock that can keep you cooking alive while you work, this smoke thermometer is long-ranging and can detect up to 12" of smoke from a short exposure. The built-in alarm will wake you up in the middle of a valuable cookbook, the the wireless receiver is designed to provide 300-foot range for dual-channel temperature measurement. It includes a built-in temperature sensor that projects the temperature reading to the certificate-holder's room, the receiver can also be integrated in to exist décor with a notched control panel. The the cooking thermometer is an enticing alternative to ensure your cookery is running like a well-oiled machine, this digital thermometer imparts a yellow new design that is sure to impress your friends and family. With its digital readability and digital read noise, you'll be able to keep track of the temperature in no time.