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Vicks Rectal Thermometer

The Vicks Rectal thermometer is a that can help you determine the temperature in the rectum, the thermometer presents a pediatric-grade accuracy of 101 degrees fahrenheit. It is manufactured from durable plastic and grants a low-pulse beat rhythm to help ensure accuracy.

Vicks Baby Thermometer

The Vicks pediatric baby Rectal thermometer is an accurate and, according to research studies, effective substitute to monitor baby's health and ok, the thermometer is manufactured to be as straightforward to adopt as possible and provides a funeral-style warming up period to get started. The thermometer takes about 15 minutes to get up to 50 degrees fahrenheit, the blue anodized aluminum is heavy and durable, but it does not rust. The Vicks pediatric baby Rectal thermometer extends a front light and a back light, so you can see how much heat is being sent down your baby's throat, this Vicks pediatric thermometer is a new sealed version that is designed for use in new baby's mouth. It extends a cool to the touch side hand and is produced of durable plastic, the thermometer is uncomplicated to adopt and presents a comfortable side hand for long use. It is likewise new sealed, so your baby can always feel comfortable in your hand, this Rectal baby thermometer is a first rate surrogate to monitor baby's health and temperature. It reads temperature in degrees celsius and degrees fahrenheit, it renders a black and white anker battery operated device that is facile to take with you. Vicks also offers an electronic baby thermometer that is likewise a practical substitute to monitor baby's health, the new on babies thermometer is the this thermometer is outstanding for parents who desire to ensure their children are getting the most out of their nursery. With its 10-second reading, new Vicks pediatric baby Rectal thermometer is sterling for when you want to ensure your baby is warm and comfortable.