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Vintage Thermometer Gauge

This Vintage brass meter Gauge from 3000 s is a top-grade alternative for any industrial setting, it measures temperature from 20-220 degrees fahrenheit, and it includes a temperature control to make it easier to use. The meter Gauge offers a comfortable design, and it can be used for many purposes.

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Vintage Ohio Jumbo 12" Dial

By Ohio Thermometer


Thermometer Near Me

The Vintage sterling temperature is a beautiful charm, this temperature meter is especially first-rate for when you are checking the temperature of your home or office. The readability is unequaled and the user-friendly interface is a main advantage of this tool, the Vintage industrial temperature Gauge is a top-rated alternative to measure temperature and humidity. It is produced from high-quality metal and plastic material, and it grants a simple design, the Gauge is facile to read, and it renders a bright light up there so you can see how much temperature is coming from your oven or stove. This old-fashioned outdoor thermometer is a best-in-class alternative to measure the weather in your garden, garden party or even at home, the temperature reading always right at your fingertips, so you can track the temperature in all kinds of weather conditions. The humidity Gauge tells you how much humidity is in your air space, so you can track the amount of rain or snow inside, the temperature and humidity reading always left- or right- handed, so you can easily read it from either a good old-fashioned glass or digital clock. The Vintage atmo-stat desktop humidity temperature Gauge is an outstanding surrogate to track you and temperature in a simple, effortless to adopt tool, the Gauge is produced of durable plastic and presents a green light that tells you the level of humidity while the Gauge presents a temperature range of -40 degrees fahrenheit to 40 degrees celsius.