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Walgreens Thermometer

Looking for an 30-second temperature read? Assess our other products at Walgreens - temperature range from 25 degrees fahrenheit to results in a temperature reading you can be happy with.

Pediatric Thermometer

The Walgreens temple touch mini digital thermometer is a battery operated thermometer that measures child heart rate and temperature, this thermometer is new in the Walgreens line. This product is available at drug stores and other store locations, the new timer - Walgreens is compatible with the product series. The temporal thermometer is a non-contact temperature reading device that comes with a new product series, this Walgreens temperature projecting non-contact thermometer offers 2 units to track your temperature. The unit presents a backlight that makes it easier to see, the unit also presents a plastic body that is facile to hold. The unit is plastic and gives a backlight, the unit offers an 710582 number on it. The Walgreens baby thermometer is a versatile tool that can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, this thermometer is soft and comfortable to use, and it extends an 2-second digital timer. It can be used under the arm or on the baby'sbreast, the Walgreens baby thermometer is in like manner soft and facile to hold for a hands-free use.